It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Come to think of it, more than ‘a while’, I think the last time I wrote one was way back in 2015 before handing the reigns over to someone WAY more experienced. This of course was before MQ, back in my former wedding decor biz.

But now here we are. And I admit that the reason for starting these up are two fold; first, I need somewhere to dump the contents of my brain – you lucky things! Secondly, those three little words everyone loves to hear… nah, not those ones, I’m talking Search Engine Optimisation – again something I dabbled in way back when in my career as a Web Developer. I actually dread to think what the ‘then’ Vikki would have made of this website in terms of SEO, I’ve massively neglected it this time around, mainly because it’s just quicker to pop something up on the site without worrying about meta data and the like. And yes it has massively bitten me in the arse because can you find me in Google search? Can you hell. It’s work-in-progress and hopefully something that’ll come back to me relatively quickly.

Anyhow. I’ve digressed massively but figured writing something was better than leaving the blog empty for another week. I mean, who cares about relevance, right… (hence the completely random non design related post and image choice, but hey, it’s Friday night and it’s been a long week… besides, everyone loves a Geo Santa)…

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